What Is The #gloryholemovement All About?

The #gloryholemovement hashtag is to be used to connect enthusiastic private Gloryhole owners with eager-to-be-pleased Gloryhole feeders worldwide. It is not a club where you receive a membership card, but is more an awareness movement to promote the real existence of Gloryholes.

Glorenthal Holeyfield fights the silly notion that Gloryholes are just a porn movie plot or just appear in pop-culture as memes or erotic fantasy novels. This whole #gloryholemovement is about communication and networking. It is not enough just to "like" a post on social media or to mention "names" in order to grow a following.

Be part of the active discussion and show we are for real. Even if you hide your identity as that is part of the Gloryhole culture for sure.

Uncensored & Revealing: Interviews With Private Gloryhole Owners Worldwide

Gloryholes are real. There are not just real, there is a worldwide network of private Gloryhole owners that waits for horny men everwhere to satisfy their needs. Discover twenty inspiring, exciting and revealing interviews with authentic Gloryhole pictures from behind the scenes. Glorenthal Holeyfield speaks with guys from The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, US Virgen Islands, Germany, Costa Rica and Switzerland. Get inspired how real men of all walks of life enjoy amazing anonymous sexlike never before!

The Private Gloryhole Revolution

Your complete uncensored Gloryhole Non-Fiction Guide. The essential first "Everything about Gloryholes" book written by Glorenthal Holeyfield that started the #gloryholemovement. The "Gold Standard" for inspiring new upcoming private Gloryhole owners and educating men of all walks of life that Gloryholes are FOR REAL and not just some porn movie plot.

Hidden In Plain Sight: Outrageous Gloryhole Ideas

How to run private Gloryholes in plain sight. Get forbidden inspiration to run and experience adrenaline-laden Gloryhole sex for rea with these outrageous project ideas. While not all of them are suitable for your area and budget - some of them are rather easy to make CUM TRUE.Do you dare to make those Gloryhole locations happen for real? There are already guys ready to use them, right now!

Upcoming Gloryholy Books Ready For Pre-Order

Feeders Interviews: Why Men Visit Gloryholes

Like the exciting interview books where Glorenthal Holeyfields interviews the owners, this book interviews focuses on the men who visit the Gloryholes. How do they tick? What makes them use Gloryholes? How can they be found?

Gloryhole Security: How To Stay Safe & Anonymous

The Gloryhole experience is all about having sex anonymously. How can you stay truly anonymous and make sure both as Gloryhole host and Gloryhole feeder visiting are safe and protected at the same time?

How To Build Your Own Gloryhole

Practical How-To Guides from real private Gloryhole owners all around the world. Do you want to get started quick with a fabric Gloryhole or you looking for inspiration to build a wooden one? For sure there some great inspiring real life examples out there!


Be part of the upcoming Gloryholebook "Where are the Gloryhole women? and download the free workbook here (by joining the mailing list!)...

Where Are All The Gloryhole Women?

Who is behind a Gloryhole? Is it not all "just dudes" or are there authentic CIS women that enjoy truly the anonymous experience of attending cock in its purest form?

The Gloryhole Bible

This will be the new mega standard in Non-Fiction Gloryhole education and will combine all Gloryhole books in one huge volume to save you money.